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Monday, September 30, 2013

Freebie: African People Faces: Female Faces Tubes

Freebie: African Female Faces

Five tubes of African Female Faces. I now that there are many different races and influences in Africa. African people don't only have a black skin, there are different shades and for instance enough Asian and European influences as well. And of course people from Maroc do have different looks then Zulus in South Africa. However I chose for this African Scrap Kit especially faces with a black or brown skin. I couldn't do all of the influences, melanges, races, but I let my creation rule. Making authentic images and a thorough selection just wasn't my intention. Like I chose for animals just a few. It's just the fact that people feel more offended when considering races of people. But the main skin color of this Scrapkit is Black or Brown. Like I said: Black is beautiful. 

I made these faces from scratch to cartoons and tubed them afterwards. I hope you'll love them. I spent ages to get them all right. 

You can download these HERE



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