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Friday, August 3, 2012

Delay and help needed

Hello my friends, so sorry that I have been absent for a little while. I have had an operation on my shoulder and I have since a long time an eye disease. I couldn't very well create. When I thought to start again I checked the blog and the links and found out that megaupload was closed because of piracy by the FBI. That was a double shock as I had previously lost all my savings of all my creations in a crash. So I have nothing left. And I can't rebuild this blog with the same items. I was so disappointed that I never uploaded the scrap page I made. I didn't know where to upload this page to. Meanwhile I want to start again, but I still don't know where to upload my pages and the elements I make so that people can download these. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know as I need lots of space for storage. And if someone has downloaded my stuff and has it available for me somewhere to download I really would appreciate it. Thanks in advance and sorry again for the delay. 

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