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Saturday, August 13, 2011

try number zillion

If you are able to read this I managed to post my first message to my own blog. After spending ages to get the lay out look well... hmmm must remember to look in the mirror to see if my hair got grey all over after this ordeal... now I might be able to post! Thinking that I might succeed and get my blog into action made me continue with the help of lots of coffee. So if you read this I did it. YESSSS I succeeded in making a blog. Something that billions of others have done before me and probably without so many mistakes and troubles. And trillions will do it after me until blogs are old fashioned and replaced by new gadgets.
But hey... I never will be good with programms probably...
If this worked you'll probably see many more new postings. Next step find a place to upload my scrap kits to!
Have a wonderful weekend.


Silvia Diana said...

Hi Jetty congratulations, I like your blog.

Hugs from Argentina

Silvia Diana

graphics by Jetty said...

thanks Silvia Diana, really nice of you to let me know, glad you like it :-)

Rowan said...

Hi Sweetie! I am so happy for you that you got your own blog. I keep wanting to do that, but with the move and time factors, it's just not happening yet lol. Maybe by the time I can, you will be able to help me with it ;-)

syberangel said...

Congratulations Jetty, Awesome blog

Pastor Karen

KittynAl said...

Your blog looks awesome!!! Happy that you got it going. Congrats. I think I subscribed, so you should see me listed as a "follower" (I hope LOL)...